Our Process

1. Free Damage Assesment

Once we sign the agreement, we will send out a HAAG Certified Inspector to complete an inspection of your property and determine if it qualifies.

2. File Claim

Our Office team back office will call your insurance company to report the damages we found, setting up the report of the claim and submitting claim documentation.

3. Adjuster Meeting

The insurance company will send out their adjuster to meet with our public adjuster. They will make sure to document all the evidence reported and write a first estimate draft.

4. Estimate Review

After we receive the estimate from the insurance company, our Claim Manager will review it and make sure to add any missing items. We want to make sure all local buildings codes and industry standards are included in the final estimate.

5. Design Meeting

After we agree on a fair estimate, our Account Executive will meet you to go over the settlement and help you choose colours and materials for your upcoming project. You will have had received the first check from the insurance company by now; This is the deposit to start the project.

6. Property Restoration

Our Production Manager pulls the permits, orders the material, and schedules your project to begin. You will receive an email and text from us with the start date.

7. Final Work Throught

Once all the work is complete our Project Executive will schedule a final walk through so we can make sure all details are taken care of and you are satisfied with the final results.

8. Billing

It’s normal to find additional costs during the restoration process. This is documented and sent to Billing to be included in the final settlement with the insurance company. The Insurance Company will send out the remaining funds for the project, completing the process.


A hail or wind damage claim is a result of a natural weather occurrence, disaster, act of God etc… As such, it occurred naturally and not as a result of any action on the home owners part. Therefore an insurance company cannot raise your premium as a result of the claim.

Insurance companies typically drop policy holders as a result of multiple damage claims by the policy holder, relating to damage to the property which, is directly related to the homeowners’ actions or negligence. i.e. the policy holder forgets to shut off the upstairs bathtub which results in substantial water damage to the property. The property has unsafe conditions which result in injury claims. The policy holder backs out of the garage without opening the garage door causing substantial damage. Disaster claims like hail and wind damage are an act of nature and not caused by the homeowner

PACC Representative completes a thorough inspection of your roof, the exterior and interior (if applicable) of your property to determine if damage due to hail or wind is present. We assist you in filing the claim with your insurance company and in communicating the events which likely caused the damage and extent and areas of damage to your home. We meet with the Insurance Adjuster on the day of their inspection of the property to communicate and clearly identify the damage from the roof down. PACC further reviews the insurance company scope of work or estimate to determine if all the necessary repairs have been considered by the Insurance Adjuster in their estimate and as in many cases if not, we counter with our estimate of repairs. PACC makes sure your repairs are completed according to current building codes and standards. For example, the Adjusters estimate will in most cases exclude key code compliance costs which will be required to be completed by your local building Code and Compliance Department. PACC insures the costs are covered under the claim. In other more severe cases the Adjuster may only call for repairs to a roof or siding which, in most cases would leave your home with an unsightly patch work of repairs, devaluing your home. We work to insure that you receive the maximum benefits afforded under your policy and that all repairs are completed to pre-storm conditions. Nobody wants to get a traffic ticket but, it happens. In most cases it’s best to have an Attorney when you go to court. Meeting with an Insurance Company Adjuster and dealing with an insurance company is much the same. It’s best to have an advocate on your side representing your position and insuring your claim is handled properly throughout the process. We stay with the insurance claim through completion to insure all necessary repairs and restoration is completed and to the highest level of quality of repairs available.

Unless it’s obvious like a tree lying on the roof, shingles falling off or water stains on the interior it’s hard to tell from the ground. A PACC Representative will come out to your house and complete a fifty point inspection, to determine the cause of any suspect issues. PACC will research recent storm activity at your location and determine if the existing damage is storm related.

Although somewhat rare, it does occasionally happen. There are a number of factors which can contribute to a denial. Your PACC Representative will determine the best course of action in the event of a denial. In most cases a re-inspection request can be initiated to have the claim reconsidered. In others, an appraisal by a third party may be necessary to provide sufficient neutrality of the parties in the claim.

Free Consultation

Whether you’re repairing an old roof, siding or you had suffered damage from a storm- we can help. We work on residential and commercial properties of all sizes, from start to finish and beyond, providing construction, remodel, and insurance restoration. Contact us now to schedule a free inspection to your property

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